Get the right communications, services and insights.

Leverage the DDNi marketing and analytics teams' years of experience and best practices


DDNi has a rich history of delivering services to the world's largest consumer electronics companies. The most frequently requested consulting services and insights from the DDNi teams are highlighted below.


DDNi offers a comprehensive set of creative services, working with consumer electronic companies' marketing teams and external agencies to customize product and brand experiences. Services include:

  • Integrated marketing and software design to promote brand loyalty
  • Full lifecycle services from initial software interface design to device setup to service renewals and device replacement
  • Custom-built messaging and brand expansion platforms
  • Full breadth of creative services available


DDNi Marketing consulting services draw from years of experience working on innovative programs across a variety of consumer electronic products. Insights based on DDNi's own products set and success metrics provide an elevated standard as a baseline to which marketing programs are measured. Optimized programs and services include:

  • Proposed contact schedule for users across devices using rich media messaging and "politeness" algorithms
  • Captured user data that is translated into targetable attributes for condition- or event-based messages
  • Recommendations, provisioning, and activation of 3rd party application


DDNi's own platform and products are built to leverage unique data points, to establish rich metrics, to report on key performance indicators, to harness a growing data set from "Internet of Things" devices, and to maximize the latest in Big Data technologies. DDNi utilizes the same tools, information management framework, and experience that are available as Services. These include:

  • Scheduled reports, comparison analysis of ad-hoc best practices, and optimal performance rates
  • Centralized distribution and performance analytics for partner organizations
  • In-depth customer surveying, usage pattern correlation, and interest segmentation
  • Big Data analysis framework for probable behavioral patterns and micro-segmentation tailoring


DDNi spearheads programs that bring together the convergence of departments and organizations. These include a combination of internal and external groups from across engineering, product design, marketing, sales, partners, and support. The company develops unique programs and promotions to meet the needs of a multitude of stakeholders. These can include:

  • Trade-in programs that maximize customer retention
  • Customer loyalty, incentive, and awards programs
  • Integrated social media and channel promotions
  • Rich media and video-enabled promotions and training programs


DDNi works with companies to provide programs that increase product registrations and activations, help maintain system software, and lower support and warranty costs. DDNi offers services that drive baseline programs toward centers-of-excellence.

  • Increasing device and system registrations
  • Identifying and monitoring system performance metrics and event inflections
  • Maximizing device lifecycle management and engagement opportunities
  • Tailoring recommendations, services, and upgrades to distinct segments
  • Reporting on system performance diagnostics and usage