Many say it. DDNi does it.

The patented platform and products strengthen and expand brand experiences for consumer electronics companies and partners


Since the company's founding in 2004, DDNi has focused on delivering products to address consumer electronics companies' common challenges, including brand churn, software distribution complexity, increasing support costs, and lost revenue opportunities.

The patented platform and underlying technology incorporated into DDNi's products are used across a variety of applications. These products are integrated into devices' original manufacturing processes or added later as strategic initiatives and programs. They are also often accompanied by DDNi's services.


From the first time the device is turned on to system upgrades and enhancements to the eventual purchase of the next device, DDNi provides a customizable, clean, and personal interface that evolves as users' requirements change. The DDNi client is branded for consumer electronics companies that empowers them to:

  • Develop brand preference and engagement
  • Initiate services, update warranties, and offer trade-ins
  • Integrate a shop with a one-click purchase platform
  • Diagnose system performance and improve efficiency


Complex product builds and the variety of software and hardware distribution channels can make managing preferred complementary products and services difficult. DDNi helps beyond the initial device purchase with catalog management to:

  • Create and control a branded experience
  • Upgrade software and service bundles
  • Provide distribution and performance analytics to partners
  • Reduce support costs for compatible hardware and software


Meeting the needs of key stakeholders and managing communications, service bulletins, updates, and promotions across devices is part art, part science. DDNi has built best practices into its messaging service framework and product to:

  • Optimize customer interactions across devices
  • Maintain and update system software
  • Cross-sell and upsell services, software and hardware
  • Deliver programs that reward customer loyalty


DDNi's platform manages an intelligent dialogue between consumer electronics companies and their customers. It also recommends software, services, support, and products that are appropriate for the user's device. Benefits include:

  • Driving incremental revenues and repurchase
  • Collecting system use and diagnostics to maximize future performance
  • Delivering timely incentives, system refreshes, and upgrades
  • Differentiating branded devices, services, and software