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About DDNi

DDNi is a multi-plaform user experience company that provides software, infrastructure and digital marketing solutions to consumer electronics and technology manufacturers, PC-OEMs, distribution partners and retailers. Founded in 2004, the company brings together a visionary team with rich industry expertise from leading technology companies including HP, Lenovo, Creative Labs, EMU Systems, Apple, Seagate and IBM.

There are four main groups of customers which DDNi provides service integration on multiple devices to improve the end-user experience.

End-Users: DDNi helps consumers take control of their devices with a customizable, clean and personal interface that evolves as their requirements change.

Consumer Electronics Companies and PC OEMs: DDNi’s platform manages a dialogue between the company and its customers to intelligently interact and recommend software, services, support and products that are in context to the end user’s needs.

Retailers: DDNi’s platform creates a sales channel for new and complementary products and services “beyond the store” initial purchase.

Product and Service Providers: DDNi increases partner sales opportunities by delivering its products and services in a unified customer-centric ecosystem to enhance, improve, and expand the customer’s user experience.

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